Framing: Brenham, Texas

Blue Bell selfie

How can you possibly go wrong? A small town, murals on the buildings, wildflowers, quaint little shops and Blue Bell ice cream. All my senses were reeling.

Situated in Washington County, Brenham is in the heart of Bluebonnet hunting territory and is about halfway between Austin and Houston allowing for easy visits from both of these major cities, however, if you come to Brenham, you will want more than just a visit. I’m ready for another visit and need to stay longer to explore!

Brenham has a strong German influence from the influx of Germans who settled in the area in the mid 1800’s. In the 1860’s Brenham experienced additional growth with Jewish settlers into the community, which also brought new Merchants and Businesses. Both of their influences can be felt and seen throughout the community and in the writing of her story.

Brenham is also home to Blue Bell Creamery, a popular ice cream manufacturer that is well-loved by this Louisiana girl. You will always find a gallon or two in our freezer, and stopping at the Creamery was a must-do.

Oh and yes, you will find Bluebonnets along with a few other wildflowers in the Spring. Definitely on my return list!

Additional photos from Brenham: All photos owned by Terri Witt and can only be re-used with expressed permission or purchase.


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