The Road Less Travelled

Dirt road, curves and no other vehicles – bliss!

For most of my life I’ve walked around with a camera…not a physical camera, but one that continuously scans the scenery looking for that “perfect shot”. My brain is composing and I am imagining what I see in my head as a completed picture. There is an infinite need for me to take what is happening in my head and attempt to create with a physical camera. I don’t know how else to describe it; but every single breath I take is with desire to take a photograph.

The logical question I am asked is, “what do you do with all these photographs you take?” And really, I don’t have an answer. There are only so many photo albums, so many walls and so many gigabytes of memory you can take up with photographs. The majority never see anything but going from my SIMS card to the hard drive storage.

Lately, and especially as I am afforded more time to travel (retirement is grand!) I have a longing to capture Small Town, America. There is a feeling I get when I am in rural areas dotted with barns, old churches, livestock and open space – almost like a craving. I roam old towns in awe at the architecture or attempt to determine the original use of a building that once was part of a thriving town and now is another dress shop, or restaurant or sits abandoned and in disrepair.

This blog is simply an attempt to not have more pictures wind up in a dark place, never to be seen again and hopefully the love I have for these places show through in the frames I share. #framingmywanderlust

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