Framing: My Life

Guam, December 1967

Recently, I have worked on cataloging my photos onto a single external hard drive. 10 TERABYTES of memory on this thing. I’m from a generation that not only didn’t even know of computers growing up, other than on SciFi movies. My first experience was a Tandy TRS-80 which came with a whopping 4 KB of memory (researched, not from my own memory) and floppy disks for saving onto.

My first camera was purchased by my dad. A simple 35 mm camera, I don’t even recall the brand – knowing him, it was probably a Kodak. I had no idea how to make it work, but I played with the buttons and knobs until I was able to take pictures. Some came out, some did not. I had zero idea what ISO or aperture meant. And “f/stop” – no clue. There wasn’t even “Google” or “Youtube” to research, however, I did manage a library book or two on the subject.

In Rota, Spain 1977ish.  Portraying a clown in an on-base play.

Fortunately, we lived all over the World, thanks to my dad’s service in the U.S. Navy. Unfortunately, I have so many memories in my head that I wish I had on film. While we do have some, the majority of the sights we experienced are just not recorded. I think that is why it has become so important to me now.

When I am going through the photos I do have, the memories and feelings of those times return. I can remember the smells and sounds of the moment. The true gifts of what we experienced are without question.

Of course, not all memories are good and not all memories bring great recollections. But they are all part of who I am.

The palest ink is better than the best memory. – Chinese Proverb

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