Framing: Small Town America

I’ve been toying around with the idea for some time now, of documenting “Small Town America”. More and more I feel so burdened by big cities. The concrete, the bustle, the crowds. When I move away from the “noise” I begin to feel calm and settled and in touch with myself.

Heading away from the City

I feel so connected when I am in rural communities and small towns. My mind begins to envision what the area or building may have been like in their “heyday”. Sometimes it can be nostalgic and at times – many, many times – I feel pained that the buildings are in disrepair, the community seems lost. Blight is more prevalent than the prior splendor of the architecture.

As I stand and take photos, I think, “Every town has a story, what is this town’s story?” And so, it began. In researching communities and towns I find there are many stories. Some need to be told. From an old town that has risen back up to grandeur by re-inventing itself, to the town that with each passing day is disappearing. Perhaps a lesson we need to learn, or simply so we don’t forget.

I hope I can do them justice. And I hope you find the exploration worth following my journey.



  1. I love this Terri. I have some friends who decided they wanted to see these towns in Louisiana and decided to go to each parish and take a photo of the courthouse. They had only one left to take last time I talked to them. They said this was one of the mist educational things they’ve done. It brought then to towns they never would have thought to visit.


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